Friday, April 1, 2011

Easter Tie Dye Crayons

You can find recycled crayons all over the internet (heck even Crayola sells a machine for kids to make their own). I came up with the idea to use these cookie molds because the round muffin tins just weren't cute enough.
Step by step directions following the images.

step one: gather old broken crayons (bottom of toy chest, ask your preschool, day cares, etc.)

step two: peel and break the crayons into smaller bits (i just toss all mine together because i like the mix and match)

step three: pre heat oven to 350 degrees

step four: fill your cookie mold (or muffin tin) with the broken pieces. don't be stingy because if they are too thin they will break easily

step five: put the crayons in the oven (i put a cookie sheet on the tray below to catch any leaks just in case). set timer for 5 minutes

step 6: after 5 minutes check the status. all the crayons should be melted. If there are any lumps left then leave in the oven for another minute and so on. (mine usually are 6 minutes).

step 7: remove the tray VERY carefully. The crayon wax is super hot and if it drips in your oven it will smoke and stink and be quite difficult to get clean. Set your tray on a towel or trivet to cool down.

step 8: the crayons will set up fairly quickly but will take longer to cool completely. They need to be completely cool to remove from the molds.

step 9: color away!

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