Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Fun

first up: dying Easter Eggs
we dyed the eggs a solid color and then used food coloring to marble them.

I thought this one (below) looked like Earth

Next up: Peep Jousting

We chose our "knights". Jude was purple and Magda was pink, Jude's friend Sam also jousted with the green peeps. (I didn't get too many shots of this competition).

Arrange your peep knight on the plate facing your opponent and insert the "lance". For future jousting I would definitely use a paper plate.

In this bout the pink knight won, purple's lance made contact but pink's lance deflated purple first. Winner.

Then on to Peep Sushi (this was my husband's little project)

first, make rice krispie treats. While they are still warm you'll form them into sushi.
You'll need Peeps, fruit rollups, sushi roll is helpful

Put a blob of krispie treats on the sushi mat (wrap in plastic wrap to protect the mat)
Gab added a strip of fruit roll up (fake seaweed)

Then add some chopped up Peeps (veggies, fish, etc.)

Roll up firmly

Give the logs about 20 minutes to set up and slice. Gab added some sugar sprinkles just for color.
He also made a variety of sushi with the fruit roll-ups chopped up on top

He was having too much fun coming up with ways to interpret the sushi.

Magda loved them and insisted on eating them with her chopsticks. Delish!

Happy Easter!!

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