Thursday, September 16, 2010

black lace pumpkin

Inspired by the cover of Better Homes & Gardens (I think), they wrapped real pumpkins in black lace and I loved the spooky but elegant look of it. I knew I didn't want to buy real pumpkins this early in the season so I thought how to create the look using foam pumpkins. Easy tutorial for spooky lace pumpkins:

1. Gather supplies: foam pumpkin(s), lace or stencil (my beautiful lace tablecloth has a huge hole in the center so I felt okay painting it), spray paint, drop cloth, latex gloves

2. cover the pumpkin with the lace or stencil and gather at the bottom. Spray paint (i didn't have an extra hand to take a photo of myself actually painting it but i'm sure you can figure that out).
3. Carefully remove the lace, I would wait a few seconds to give the paint time to dry. I used black paint with a coat of red glitter over it (the red didn't show up very well in the photos but up close you can see it). If you remove the lace hastily you will smear the design.

4. Arrange your beautiful pumpkins indoors or outside. (I picked up the awesome black crows at the Dollar Store - just ONE buck each).

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