Sunday, September 14, 2014

What's The Catch?

What's the Catch?

I did a solo show this summer at the Art Center (the month of August).

I was inspired by the word "catch" and the many phrases in which it is used. My medium was "recycled materials" and you can find at least one item that is recycled or "upcycled" in each piece.

The process was really good for me and made me switch gears from creating items with the sole purpose of selling it at a vendor show (meaning i had to keep final price in mind and ultimately the use for the item).  Creating art for a show and for the sake of the art itself was great for a change. I had a two pieces that took me over 100 hours (Catch a Falling Star and Catch and Release). Others were just an exercise in figuring out new techniques or starting with a title and materials and seeing how I could bring the two together into a new piece (the broken mirrors for example).

I had a great opening (despite the terrible weather that night) and sold 9 pieces so that was thrilling. I gave a couple of pieces away and have a few pieces at the center for sale and my favorite pieces will hang in our home (for awhile anyway).

Catch of the Day: left over sweater scraps from other projects (sold)

Catch: 22 Languages
scrap paper on old typewriter

Catch a Falling Star: scrap felt cut from other projects, bunk bed board

Catch a Glimpse: broken mirrors found and cleaned up/ repaired (sold 2 of 5)

Whoooo Knows Why I Save this Stuff? (Catchall Drawer)
salvaged drawer, literally junk from my catchall drawer

"Catch and Release" broken fishing pole, beer/pop tabs

Catch a Tiger By the Toe: (this is the only piece that was done on a new canvas) (given as a gift to my friend who is in a band called Old Shoe)

"Catch a Cold" old picture frame, air dry clay, scrap wood (sold)

Catch Cooties: old picture frame, air dry clay, scrap wood (sold)

"Catcher in the Dye" (quotes from Catcher in the Rye done in resist on vintage linen with Procian dyes) Recycled frames

"Wild One Night Stand: Catch My Drift?" -salvaged nightstand (sold)

"Catchpenny paintings" - used gems

"Catch Phrase" series (Terminator/sold, Tenth Doctor, Spock, Doc Holliday/sold)

"Rick the Cat, Catchin' Some Sun" - scrap sun fabric

DreamCatcher (scrap tubing, vintage doily, scraps of ribbon and tee shirt scraps (sold)

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