Thursday, August 19, 2010

getting this thing going

I have been running the ZombieFood site from Facebook for several months but thought we needed a presence here for linking, etc.

ZombieFood has evolved from a little temporary shop I opened two years ago (it was always meant to be a two month endeavor -november and december). More of a glorified "open house". I wanted local artists and friends (and myself of course) who make stuff out of other stuff to have a place to display and sell their goodies.

My good friend Rhiannon got inspired, which kept me inspired. She started sewing little fused plastic bags and her sewing skills grew to include adorable upcycled tee shirt dresses for toddlers (pattern bought from 

We threw together an open house at her place last November and it was well received so we threw together another one at my house a couple weeks later. We tried out a few names like "Junk 2.0" and "Marcus&Mazzy", but never quite felt right. I sewed a hat and put the words Zombie Food on it, someone said "that would be a great name" so we ran with it. We figure Zombie Food is brains and we usually feel like zombies after a late night of crafting.

that is that, now on with the show.

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